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How should I optimise images before I upload them?

One of the biggest causes of web pages loading slowly is badly optimised images. All images added to your website should be compressed to reduce their file sizes, this will help your web pages to load quicker. There are two ways to do this:

1) Optimise your images before uploading

If you have an image editing application on your PC (e.g. Photoshop), you should make sure you save each file as a JPG with a minimum of 60% compression at 72dpi. The dimensions of your images should also be as small as possible, we recommend the images uploaded to your website should not be wider than 800 pixels. If you need to add a large background image, we suggest these should not be wider than 2000 pixels. You can view some image optimisation tutorials on YouTube. If you do not have an image editing application, you can use Pixlr a free online image editor.

2) Use an image compression plugin

It is possible (and easier) to add an image optimisation plugin to WordPress that takes care of all the image optimisation for you. We recommend Short Pixel or Imagify. If you would like us to install one of these plugins for you, please contact us.

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