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Indigo Marmoset Ltd

Something I have done has caused a problem?


Depending on the type of problem, there a couple of ways to recover:

I made some changes to a page and now it looks wrong

If you made an update to a page and it has spoilt the layout or the formatting you can use the revisions panel to revert back to a previous version of the page before you edited it. You can do this by opening the page and scrolling to bottom where you will find the revisions panel. Here you can find a version of your page before you made the update and recover it. If you are unsure about this or it does not solve your problem please let us know.

I updated WordPress, a plugin or the theme

If you ran an update to the WordPress core, a plugin or the theme and noticed your site is not working correctly afterwards, we can help you recover from this. If you signed up to our monthly maintenance plan just let us know and we will recover your site from a daily backup. Otherwise let us know and we can recover your site from a monthly backup for a fixed fee and run the update for you.