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I am not seeing the changes I have made?

If you have made some updates to pages on your site and can't see these updates being shown when you view the pages, it is most likely a problem with caching.

There are two caches that can be cleared:

1. Clear your history/cache in your web browser

Every browser does this differently. If you do a search in Google for your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari) you will find a guide on how to do this.

If this does not solve the problem, read on...

2. The WordPress Cache

When you are logged into the site, you will see a black bar running across the top of the page. In this bar you will see a link saying 'Delete Cache' or 'WP Rocket'.

Delete Cache

If you see delete cache then you can click this, if you are viewing the page on the frontend of the site the cache will be deleted straight away and you will see your changes show. If you are in the back end of the site, you will see a new page open with a delete cache button. Click this to delete the cache then you should see the changes show.

WP Rocket

If you see WP Rocket, you can clear the cache by clicking the 'Clear Cache' in the WP Rocket dropdown menu.

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